You’re Invited to an STL Record Release Party!

Last weekend, I had a conversation with Saint Louis musicians, Seth Porter (vocalist/guitarist of The Blind Eyes) and Cassie Morgan (musician/songwriter of Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine) that included (in addition to bowling shoes and small towns), “The State of the Saint Louis Local Music Scene.” Straight from the horse’s mouth (well, two horses’ mouths, and good-looking horses, at that) the general consensus is that a) there’s a whole lotta local lovin’ going around Nellyville and b) it’s only gonna get better.

And, I have to say, even I’ve noticed a significant change in the musical landscape of my city over the last six months, and really, what do I know? I’m just the girl who writes about music. But lately, as I’ve worked on updating the Saint Louis portion of our Speakers-endorsed concert calendar, I’ve discovered a trend: local bands are putting out new records this fall. And, they are having parties to celebrate those new records. As they damn well should.

So, feeling all warm and fuzzy, I decided to advertise the splendor and the wonder of Tight Pants Syndrome’s, Via Dove’s, and Beth Bombara’s relentless passion and artistry by mandating that you attend their record release parties. (And while I’m at it, ask these bands that are birthing new albums in the next few days or weeks what they think about “The State of the Saint Louis Local Music Scene”). Win-win.

So, get out your calendars, folks. You’ve got some parties to attend.

Tight Pants Syndrome Record Release w/ Bikini Karate + Finn’s Motel

October 2, 2010
Off Broadway, Doors 9:00 | Show 9:30
Tickets $8 (21+)/$11 (-21) in advance, $10 (21+)/$13 (-21) at the door. Get ’em here!
Fully Attractive (BLIP! BLAP! Records & Tapes) will be available October 5th at Vintage Vinyl, Euclid Records, iTunes, Not Lame, and CD Baby. The special Don’t Panic bonus EP will be available only at Saturday’s show. The band feels unanimously that this new record is their favorite thing they’ve done over their many years of music making.
Brian McClelland’s (of Tight Pants Syndrome) fave local bands: Finn’s Motel, Karate Bikini, The Blind Eyes, Sleepy Kitty, Cartwheels, and The Campfire Club.
The State of the Local Music Scene according to Tight Pants Syndrome: “There are so many Saint Louis bands that have really started making waves by working very hard, touring non-stop, and putting a great effort into establishing a fanbase from more of a person-to-person level… There’s loads of talent in this town.”

Via Dove Record Release w/ Old Lights + The Dive Poets + Union Tree Review
October 22, 2010
Off Broadway, Doors 7:30 | Show 8:00
$10 includes an album download card. Buy ’em now!

El Mundo Latino will be available at Vintage Vinyl, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Via Dove’s website, and of course, at Via Dove shows. The band mentions that putting out a new album is “kinda like graduating college” or like “trimming the grass: sweaty but refreshing.”

Via Dove – Fast Times

Via Dove’s fave local spots: Sasha’s on Shaw, The Chapel, Sweet Arts, The Royale, Kaldi’s (on Demun), Fox and the Hound, Foam, Bridge, The Vine, The Firebird, Brasserie.

The State of the Local Music Scene according to Via Dove: “It’s growing and evolving constantly. There are a lot of projects springing up (AUCW and STL LOUD come to mind) that are encouraging artists to collaborate and influence each other… The sense of community is great and quite often, the music is even better…”

Beth Bombara Record Release w/ Old Lights
November 19, 2010, Doors 9:00 | Show 9:30
$10 (21 + up)/$13 (-21) includes an album download card. Buy your tickets now!
Wish I Were You will be available Vintage Vinyl, Phono Mode, Euclid Records, iTunes, CD Baby, Peridot, STL Curio Shoppe, and at Bombara’s website. Bombara notes, “It’s a ton of work to put out an album independently, but it’s worth it.”

Beth Bombara – Lately

Bombara’s fave local spots: Mud House (for coffee, food, and friendship), Map Room (for spiked coffee, dessert, and the awesome patio), Peridot, STL Curio Shoppe, Foam, and Phono Mode.

The State of the Local Music Scene according to Beth Bombara: “I’ve only been in Saint Louis for about three years and playing music here for two. From what I’ve seen, there’s been increasing support and more noticeable talent over those three years… The talent seems to span across genres, which says a lot. I think the local music scene is directly affected by other creative aspects of the community as well. Art, literature, film. These are creative things that help build community and ultimately, a stronger city.”

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