Jam of the Day | Band of Horses – Compliments

Yesterday, the Internets went into a frenzied overload when one of my absolute favorite bands, Band of Horses, released a free download of its new video for “Compliments.” It’s been awhile since the South Carolina via Seattle indie-Southern-country-rock fivesome has released an album, and I am currently in the midst of dying for the release of Infinite Arms on May 18th.

Admittedly, my penchant for alt-country slow jams originally turned me onto Band of Horses. They put a shoegaze spin on songs like “I Go To The Barn Because I Like The” and “No One’s Gonna Love You.” And those vocals… Ben Bridwell’s voice makes me wanna leave the one I’m with.

So, when “Compliments” came out yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the guys making more of an effort to rock out versus sway side to side, staring at their shoelaces. This song is a noticeable change, a slight twist on the band’s indie-Southern-country-rock thang. It’s a solid track, but I still hope the boys don’t completely walk away from the kind of songs that turned me on to the band in the first place.

The Infinite Arms track listing:
1) Factory
2) Compliments
3) Laredo
4) Blue Beard
5) On My Way Back Home
6) Infinite Arms
7) Dilly
8) Evening Kitchen
9) Older
10) For Annabelle
11) NW Apt.
12) Neighbor

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