Jam of the Day | The Lonely Forest – We Sing In Time

Two nights ago, I went to a concert at The Old Rock House in Saint Louis to see We Were Promised Jetpacks. However, The Lonely Forest, one of the night’s openers, stunned me with its frenzied enthusiasm and indie rock purity. One of my favorites of the night happened to be today’s JOTD, “We Sing In Time,” particularly because of these lyrics: “Let us pretend we’ve got it together/ Let us ignore the coming sun/ We’ll sing the body electric until machine and soul are one…” Gotta love a Walt Whitman reference.

After the band’s set, I chatted with guitarist, Tony Ruland, and he was pretty psyched that Death Cab’s Chris Walla just signed The Lonely Forest to his new label, Trans. The foursome was headed to Austin for SXSW later that night (the ultimate overnight roadtrip!), but they seemed happy enough to live in the moment with a little Saint Louis celebrating before their departure.

Stream/download the amped up version of “We Sing In Time,” but you can also enjoy a mellow, acoustic version recorded live at The Woods in Portland with the video below.

The Lonely Forest – We Sing In Time

We Sing the Body Electric! is out now.

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